gay binational mummies in BKK

Hmm. Just thinking about our fairly unique position here in BKK. In London, lesbians are having children all over the place and have been doing so for years. But here? I suppose we are pioneers…? I would like to think that other in a similar situation to mine might find this blog interesting and /or useful.
There are a lot of Tom-dee Thai-Thai couples who are helping one another with one woman’s (usually the Dee’s) children from a previous relationship (they do not have the option as Thai citizens to create their own children!). In my workplace there is another AI baby between two mums (Farang-Farang parents), and a lot of mixed Thai Farang hetero relationships with children. We are the first couple I know of in BKK to be gay, Thai Farang AND planning an AI baby. I know we will be brilliant mummies, but I have to say being the ONLY ones is daunting. Is there anybody else out there?!



  1. Yes, someone else is out there! I read that you and your partner recently moved to Prague. Best of luck to you there. My wife and I (she is Thai, I am Canadian) recently moved to Bangkok and we’re starting to look into having a baby here. I stumbled upon your blog today and just started reading. Thanks for posting! Warm wishes to you and your family.

    1. Hi! How are you? Ask me anything you want to know and I will try to help. Things have changed since we had our treatment. We are in London now 🙂

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