Insemination #1 countdown…

Ok so it isn’t perfect, but with our fabulous donor on hand (excuse the unfortunate phrasing), an ultrasound planned for 16th (4 days’ time, people!) to check everything is working, the up-the-duff attempts will begin around the 21st of this month. WOW.

Pros: amazing service; affordable insemination process; compassionate (if nervous and tacit) acceptance of our circumstances; excellent and affordable childcare; strong network of family support. Cons: unmarried, non bio parent has no official / legal rights at all here; unmarried, non bio parent cannot carry our second child BECAUSE SHE IS THAI and doesn’t have proof of a husband; unbelievably shit maternity cover (which is leading me to take an insemination break during sep, oct and nov).
I want to draft a document to protect her in case something happens to me which might be applicable under UK Law. I also need to get printed the document affirming our rights over the bio donor… as yet no such documents exist. I know our clinic was going to write one, as I am the very first farang “single mum” ever to come to the clinic and use a known donor. In Thailand we are pioneers – I think they think we are mad.
I will update you… I know two lesbians who became pregnant the first time they were inseminated but know there are thousands more for whom it takes a great deal of patience and calm. I am imagining that I will have become pregnant by the sixth try. So after 6 cycles I will then be disappointed if it hasn’t happened. There will be plenty of blog material to come out of this process, I am sure!
Talk to you later!!


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