Waiting, waiting…

If I said it wasn’t getting to me a little bit, I would be lying. Even though I usually have the O day on the 24th or 25th, and today is only the 23rd, I keep on asking unhelpful “what if…?” questions.
“What if these pee sticks are rubbish?”
“aren’t you supposed to test in the evening? What if my surge doesn’t show up in the morning?”
“what if I do it with my old pee sticks and it doesn’t show up?”
“what if my worrying has stopped me from ovulating?”
“what if the donor can’t make it to the clinic?”
“what if these silly hormones are making me a little bit crazy?”
I do need to go to the clinic after work to purchase more of the pee sticks they offer. I just can’t help that nagging “what if…?” feeling.
Now my temperature charts show a nice shift and I have had a good 6 months of positive LH surges (and some clear ferning of the saliva too (the equipment is pretty naff so i don’t get round to that every month- dodgy battery)). I have also seen my eggs on an ultrasound which was amazing!
So no need to worry, but i’m not sure that will stop me!



One comment

  1. Hi,

    I so know the feeling!! Good luck to you guys! And I will keep my fingers crossed for he BFP very soon

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