I think I am going mad.

This is so tough. I never usually ovulate any later than the 25th, so tomorrow had better be it.

2 negative LH tests today (one at about 10.30 am, and one around 8.30 pm), but some ferning on the saliva kit

and lots of ‘egg white’ this afternoon (nutrient for sperm and helpful swim channel for them too!). The fern should indicate the presence of oestrogen in the saliva (egg’s instructions to pop out) I felt sure this evening’s pee stick would give me the go-ahead for tomorrow evening’s procedure. Stress compounds the problems so I don’t want to stress over it at all, but I can’t wait for this procedure to be done.

The whole situation is quite mad – you try not to obsess over it but by its very nature it necessitates / invites obsession. These days are truly crawling by… I am now of course asking myself bonkers questions like ‘What if I have missed it because the clinic told me to pee on the stick in the morning?’ All the books say do the peeing in the evening.


I need to do some Yoga. Jeez.


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