Missed it?

I feel frustrated with my clinic! Frustrated about everything, but until today came and went without a positive result, I was more or less Ok. Been peeing on sticks twice a day at least all week but looks like I have missed it. Unless O day has continued its shuffle later into the month (my cycle is around 32 days).

As the clinic only gave me 5 pee sticks, and I trust they are good ones, I returned to get some more on tues. Here is what got me really upset tonight (after traipsing round boots stores for my fave brand of O sticks (unsuccessfully) tonight in a fit of desperation): my partner called the clinic for advice and was told the moat unhelpful thing for a desperate egg awaiter to hear.
This was the conversation:
“Yes, when she came in for more pee sticks, that was the time. She should have gone in to see the doctor for an ultrasound!”
“So why didn’t you tell her that!?”
“She only asked for pee sticks!”


Add to that that if I HAVE missed the surge and thus O day, it could well be coz that told me to test in the morning. It is well documented that these tests are not reliable then. I knew that and I did I’d anyway coz they told me to!


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