Insemination #1 today

I am not sure if right now is the time to start writing this post, and I know I will revisit this in the coming days and hours. However, my lovely girlfriend and I are waiting in the clinic, which is pretty much how we will be spending today, and where the doctors will cause sperm and egg to be hanging out in the same place inside me for the first time in my 32 years. Maybe they won’t get along this time, but in the coming months we will persist in trying to forge a relationship between them if it doesn’t work out. Our sperm donor has just arrived and gone into the sperm zone to extract his “naam cheua”. He is quite stressed out so we hope everything works.

If you are planning to become pregnant via AI or IUI then let me begin with this caveat: it is emotional. You don’t even realise how much emotion you have invested in it until something interferes. So let me fill you in on the events of the last 48 hours (my God, you really think about hours and minutes when looking for signs your body is releasing an egg!). I expected to have had my LH Surge by the 25th and when there were no signs, I was panicking in quite a crazy way, enhanced by my clinic saying it was too late this month. For most girls it would have been, but my cycle is long – 31-32 days. After some craziness, we had given up on this month, but decided to go in for the ultrasound on friday 26th (missing a really big party, unfortunately!) to see what had been going on inside.

Although I had sworn off the pee sticks after peeing on a fully nuts 8 on the 25th, I had one remaining pee stick from the clinic on 26th which I fully intended to use. I wanted to establish if my very long cycle had indeed pushed my O another day further on in the month. I waited till the afternoon, and lo and behold – positive! So surely our trip to the clinic for the ultrasound would become a trip for insemination?

We told our donor and he obligingly appeared at the clinic. Such a lovely man! Obviously at this point all of us are on tenterhooks and dizzy with anticipation. After psyching ourselves up, actually the doctor then told us that we should in fact return tomorrow for the best chances, seeing as my surge occurred in the afternoon and the egg pops around 24-36hrs after this. Pheeeew wowzers… So it WASN’T to be after all. We confirmed that tomorrow was ok for all of us, said our farewells and went home. (incidentally yesterday the receptionists came clean and began referring to my partner and I as “fairn” (partners) as opposed to “peuan” (friends), which felt really good.)

We were basking in our good fortune and about to go home to bed, when our donor called and said he had another commitment tomorrow. He had to leave at 6am to take his mother to chantaburi to go to court, and would be gone all day. It was also an only-27th-august commitment, and when’ve told her he couldn’t go, she had been very cross.

Well you can probably imagine the effect this had on our emotions, especially if you have been through this process yourself. Perfect and ready to go, and NOPE!! not going to happen this month after all 😦 😦 😦 😦
Don’t worry for us too much though, you knew from the start of this blog that we were waiting at the clinic for our donor to donate, that I have surged, and I can also tell you now that the sperm has been deposited and cleaned (and we have sat down for a nice lunch before strolling back to do the IUI.).

So here is the rest of the story: Last night, after tears and drama, our amazing donor told his (AMAZING) mother what his other unmovable commitment actually was – THE day of the sperm donation. She agreed in fact that he must go to fulfill his spermly duties (and vial) – as long as he found a cousin to drive her there in his place. I can’t express the relief and gratitude I felt when he called back to say that he would be able to come (ahem).

So, we are ready.
2 willing and loving parents?
Check. 🙂
Suitable and willing donor?
Check. 🙂
Great doctors who accept our relationship?
Check. 🙂
O day?
Check. 🙂
Fresh sperm? Check! 🙂

Here we go! Talk to you later!

Some pix of the equipment:






  1. Fingers crossed!

  2. I am thinking of you guys!!!

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