It pays to educate yourself!!

I have been reading about early pregnancy a LOT these last days and I have come to realise that there is something wrong with my cycle: even though I have beautifully clear ovulatory symptoms, big, beautiful follicles and the sperm is fine, I have a very short luteal phase. I will go on to explain what this means anon.

Since my IUI at the weekend I have had sore boobs. Whether it is an early symptom of fertilisation I have no idea. I know it could be, but it could equally be a sign of an approaching period. The thing that has made me think (fantasize) that it could be a sign that sperm and egg reached each other was the timing. I don’t get sore boobs until a day or so before my period.

Anyway, in reading up on my sore boobs and ovulation, I inadvertently discovered that hell, the bit of my cycle after ovulation is essentially, not long enough to sustain an implanted blasocyst. Good job i have been tracking it for the last 10 months!! Cut a long long story short, it doesn’t matter much about whether this li’l eggie got fertilized, my uterus lining will either tell it to go away, or let it in and then not be able to sustain it.

“The Science Bit”:

The part of your menstrual cycle before ovulation is called the follicular phase. Fertility defects associated with this part of your cycle are related to follicle /egg production. If you have a late period it is actually due to this somewhat flexible occurrence of ovulation; Stress etc delay THIS, not the start of your period. The time after ovulation is called the luteal phase and its length will vary much less, if ever. This is the time when your uterus heats up and becomes a chemically inviting environment for the egg. For successful implantation, the body must produce enough progesterone to keep It that way. Luteal phase defects are due to an insufficient amount of progesterone to keep the uterus in this state long enough.

The average length is 14 days. Less than 11 is classed as a form of infertility as it makes pregnancy difficult and / or causes early miscarriage. Mine is 10, if counted from pee-stick day, or worse, 7 if counted from temperature shift. Horrible discovery, but easily treatable with a few pills.


It could be possible to take hormones in this cycle and stop it from happening, but everyone thinks I am crazy (ok, so the jury’s still out on that!) for worrying too much. Actually, turns out it was worth the fussing.

Went to see my lovely doc and he immediately prescribed progesterone. Gonna eat one right now.

Fingers crossed that A) my egg was fertilised and B) I can make enough progesterone to keep it in.

I will keep you posted. We are now 5 days post IUI, and 4 days of hurty boobies!



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  1. Cassie G · · Reply

    This is a great blog – I am hopeful for you!

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