Period Period Period *SIGH*


It has happened. After work today (around 6pm) I got my period.

Firstly, I am going to have a lovely, delicious coffee tomorrow morning. Secondly, I am going to try to run home from work for the first time since we broke up for summer break (it’s gonna be a bitch!). And tomorrow night I MAY have a small glass of wine. Well there have to be some compensations.

I feel disappointed, but if you have been following me, you may not be surprised to know that due to my daily BBT (basal body temperature) readings, I was expecting it.

I had a temperature drop on the 5th, and was sure it was the onset of Mr Red. But actually, when I googled ‘temperature dip after IUI’, there is a phenomenon called ‘implantation dip’. So basically, you can have absolutely no bloody clue about anything till that period is late. Unfortunately, despite my progesterone meds, it came right on time.

I am waiting for my wonderful, wonderful partner to come home, as we haven’t seen each other since I came on today. I love her so much.

Now, we need your help with something:

So, I have a dilemma for you. I want to know what you would do if you were my partner and I.

Getting pregnant now would have produced an early May baby.

In Thailand, women get 90 days maternity, and all your own holidays are included within this time. My issue is this; My school summer hol is 7 weeks. If my baby is born in early June, July or August, then a very large proportion of my maternity is swallowed up by this holiday.

So for the sake of my bond with my baby, We planned to wait now to inseminate at Christmas (it could be the 27th or 28th of December), which will produce a 12th September birth, and the Maternity leave would be during that first term of school. After the Christmas break I would be back for terms 2 and 3.  Perfect.

Too perfect?

Given that I have uncovered an issue with my fertility, I wonder would be better off just getting on with it? One friend said ‘What is more important? When you have the baby, or having the baby?’

Help! Is going ahead now selfish or sensible? Will the baby suffer being turned over to its granny after the 3 months? What if we wiat till December and then end up trying for a year and getting pregnant at the ‘wrong’ time anyway?

In terms of Thai maternity leave and my holiday, giving birth in mid June or July (conception this month and October) are the two worst times of the year. November would be Ok, as I would give birth at the end of the summer hols (unless baby came early).

Conception   —    Birth

Dec 6         —        mid Sep

Jan 6           —       mid Oct

Feb 6           —         mid Nov

Another break to avoid Xmas / Jan baby birthday?

April 6        —          mid Jan (not great)

May 6          —        mid Feb (not great)

Jun 6          —          mid March (ok)

Jul 6 — mid April (great!)



  1. in the u.s. there is no law requiring maternity leave – so it’s up to the employer. most moms only get 2 weeks and then the kid ends up with the dad or with grandma (or with a nanny). it’s not ideal, nor is it a system i agree with, we turn out ok for the most part.

  2. Supersisi · · Reply

    Your friend is right – don’t let the tail wag the dog… 😉 x

  3. Melissa · · Reply

    I’m so sorry to hear that it didn’t work this time. We are waiting to find anything out on our end too. Did our first IUI last week and the wait is killing me!
    Turning the baby over to granny at 3 months isn’t bad…you’ll still have plenty of bonding time and just think about how when those holiday breaks roll around if the baby is already here then that gives you time with him or her during those breaks.
    Only you and your partner can decide what will work best for you so talk it out but having a baby no matter when will be a great thing!

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