I’ll get by with a little help from my friends ……..Clomid and Progesterone

So, you’ll be pleased to hear that we have decided to press ahead with our pregnancy attempts this month. Let us hail, therefore, the start of CYCLE #2! hooray!

Today I made my first pilgrimage to see the doctor alone, as our Thai mummy is having major surgery across town. I had an exciting meeting at 11am but I wasn’t able to make it.

I arrived at the clinic at 9, but the doctor didn’t arrive till midday, so all my plans were sent rather awry. This is kind of normal in thailand, or rather, unpredictabilty is. However, as I have mentioned previously, my doc is great, so ordinarily I don’t mind waiting.

The plan was to be back in time to see Thai mummy off to her operation, but I am still in transit, and doc has said he’ll take her off for preparation in 6 minutes’ time!

The outcome of today’s discussion was an abandonment of nature (very reluctant, but seeing as she didn’t get it together for me…). From now on Khun Moh is going to pretty much control my cycle. And therefore at the moment, my life too.

So I started clomid today. Clomid makes sure my body is making more eggs. This maximises the chances of egg and sperm having a party together in the required way, but COULD result in non-identical twins.

The other and more annoying thing COULD be that my body responds too well to clomid and makes too many eggs. That would result in the ‘cancellation’ of the cycle. This is because, in theory I COULD have masses of fertilised embryos, and a dangerous pregnancy. That’s the worst case scenario for the month, as it involves waiting more and more weeks till the whole thing begins again. The best outcome is that my body releases two or three eggies and one of those sperm find one of them (just one is good enough, thanks).

The next thing is that because my body is misbehaving, they will inject me with a ‘trigger’. This triggers the release of the egg/s so that there is noire guessing involved about when I ovulate (We like that!).

We also talked about progesterone, and agreed this cycle I will not take it orally because it is more effective when taken as a vaginal suppository. Who knew? Apparently, it is beneficial to administer it close to source, which makes sense. Also it disseminates constantly at the same concentration till it has gone. And leaves a load of white slime in your underpants (lovely!).

So. There is the latest!

(And in case you are wondering, I made it back in time to see Thai mummy before the surgery (all Thai doctors run late…! 🙂 )


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