My Best Friend’s Wedding.

aiii aiii aiii.

So it is a week on, and my period shows absolutely no signs of slowing. Still, the clomid has had no side effects, unless it has caused this super-period.  No sore boobs, no ravenous hunger.

I wanted to share another huge ‘one of those things’ life throws at you. A ‘curve ball’; a ‘life’s a bitch’; a ‘WTF?!?’

So if the insemination this month works, my due date will be Jun 12th. If it works the following month, Jul 12th, November will be Aug 12th.  The thing is, one of my closest friends has set her wedding date for Sunday Jun 10th in the UK. I could get the time off work if it was just a few days, and I could be there. She has asked me to be the bridesmaid and told me about the whole thing before anyone apart from her family.  It would mean so much to me to see her walk down the aisle because this guy is such a good egg, and makes her so happy. They met the week I left to come the Thailand, and so I don’t know him so well. ANyway… it is the thing I want the most in the world which is very likely to stop me from being able to go.


Being pregnant.


I am just not willing to put it all off. It might not work these few times, and in a sense that could work out for the best, if it meant that I would not be flying at 8 months. So we will see – it is all in the balance. If the wedding turns out to be in the 7th month of pregnancy, then I could go. I am not going to stop the insemination process. I don’t have an infinite number if eggs. This probably is the only time I will ever be able to see said BFF up the aisle though, so even if I am up the duff, I will go if I am not too far gone. But the thing I am hoping for so much this month will knock it all on the head.



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