Calling Mr Sperm… Hello!??

Ummmmm…. we cannot get hold of our donor. If we can’t before 6am tomorrow, then we have lost this month. I can’t believe I randomly ran into him on the skytrain, and now we really need to talk to him, his phone is off. It has been for at least 10 hours, so I think it’s probably lost /stolen, actually! Above all I really hope he is ok! 😦

Just going to have to sit back and watch the window of opportunity come and go unused! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!


Next month I will be in the UK. So it is all going to be off till November! I feel like SCREEEEAAAAAAAAAAAMINGGGGG!



  1. Oh No!!! Hope you are able to get in touch with him soon!!!

    1. We did! Thank goodness!!! IUI #2 has happened and we are into our “2WW”. Excited to hear about your next try! X

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