Having kittens!!

Having kittens in an idiomatic way, and yet also in an “Oh my god there are so many eggs there I might have a litter!!” way.

We had only 10 hours to decide whether to press on.. The decision rested on this and a few other issues. Surprise issues. I had several unexpected outcomes from my doctor visit today. Let me fill you in.


So… Running into Mr Sperm on the skytrain earlier,I did not expect I might be seeing him again so soon! Turns out that I need to do it on bloody Sunday at 5! I had no idea it would be so soon, and it threw up a lot of problems, actually. Logistical ones.

The “litter’

The clomid has worked, AND some. I have 8 eggs, ready a full 10 days earlier than last month. If I get pregnant, then there is a 20% chance that I will have a multiple pregnancy.So do I want to risk twins? Well not particularly, but I am sure we would all be happy in the end. And it means we would get our 2 kids without having to get PG twice.  I have three large follicles. That means that if we get pregnant, it’s a 1% chance of triplets.

The injection >.<

The reason we had to decide so quickly was that if Sunday was to be the day, we had to administer the injection ourselves 36 hours before sunday (Me, terrified of injections, my darlin’ afraid of blood…). This works out as 6am Saturday!

Granny sitting and my partner’s shift at Work

Plus, remember we are looking after my partner’s mum?  Here is the other big problem; My partner is going to be at work on Sunday and I am at home to ‘do leh meh’.  She had a double knee replacement a week ago. So one of us has to be home with her the whole time…. She had a double knee replacement a week ago. So one of us has to be home with her the whole time….It’s great that I can go, but super shit that my partner has to work. Maybe, MAYBE, she can organise a bit of time (like her break) to zip up the road to the clinic?

Anyway – nailbiting stuff! Are we going to go ahead risking  a multiple pregnancy? Are we going to be able to get a frined to watch mum? Are we going to really have the courage to administer that injection!? Will the clinic let us call my partnerwhen it is time and then wait till she arrives?

We whatsapped our donor telling him the time and place etc and several friends who might wish to granny sit. Thankfully we had several kind offers, which for which we were immeasurably grateful. So kind! However, no response from the donor. We knew he was working his bar job so we thought he would get back to us when he finished his shift, so that at any rate we would know his availability before the time for shooting up that gross injection came around (pretty expensive, that trigger shot, and I have to do it myself!!! Needle is a good 1.5cm!).

Awaking to the delightful tinkling sound of my alarm, we groggily reached for our phones and discovered that we still had no response from Mr Sperm! What has gone wrong? His bloody Whatsapp, by all accounts!! By now, T-minus 30 minutes to injection time, we would need to postpone. Our decision not to use these beautiful big follicles had been made for us by destiny (or a failure of modern telecommunications). But did it have to be next month, really? Or could we wait just 24 hours?

We still don’t know!!!  aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

(it is fine with the clinic, but where is the sperm when you want it!?)

Watch this space for the next gripping installment. I will probably be blogging all about the hideous injection tomorrow… I have to pinch my tummy skin and push the needle in in a ‘dart-like motion’ at 45-90 degrees. Then I have to depress the plunger.






Ultrasound showing my largest follicle (look for the little ‘x’s)


The ‘at home’ injection kit





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