I knew pregnancy would require my overcoming my phobia of blood tests. You could say, in fact, that a few small needles would be the very least of my worries if I were to fall pregnant. In terms of pain and of tearing through flesh, I think despite its sleek, evil horror, the needle comes out the least offensive. What I did not realise however, was that it would be necessary to muster the courage to self administer an injection!!

In the previous post(s) you will note that our known donor has twice now caused us a bit of an issue regarding his availability. I did not know prior to my visit to the clinic on Friday that I would do an insemination immediately afterwards. Seriously, my natural cycle showed eggs ready a week after the first ultrasound, and then there was all the peeing… Waiting and waiting for the positive LH result, then waiting another 24 hours… It seemed to be all about the waiting! On clomid though, after my first ultrasound, it was already squirt time! Ultrasound on fri, squirt sat am and IUI sunday. I’m sorry, doctor, when?! Not next week!? We considered cancelling the cycle due to the litter of follicles my body has made, and also because my amazing partner has to work and can’t be there on Sunday. But in the end, our donor was uncontactable so that made our decision for us. We called the clinic’s emergency number at the agreed 6am injection time and explained that our donor could not come on sunday. Would it be ok if we put the whole thing back 24 hours? It would. But only just.

So we continued trying to reach our donor and finally he got in touch on Saturday evening, apologising- his phone had sort of broken and he didn’t realise. So it was with great relief we realised we were on for Sunday 6am injection.

So, the tinkling alarms greeted us again in the darkness and suddenly it was the same time again. We decided to do the whole thing as quickly as possible. My partner was absolutely fantastic; there is no way I could have jabbed her in the tummy with a needle. I like also that in this very clinical process, it was her that caused my eggs to pop out. She has seen me in a blood test so she has an idea if how bad I can be, so we were steeling ourselves for a bit of a scene. I had been telling myself “it’s just like a piercing” but I wasn’t convinced that the needle would not break off inside my body. I was lowing like a cow in anticipation, shoved a pillow over my face and…… I actually felt nothing at all. Much less painful than a piercing. And back to sleep!

So now we wait for the sperm squirt tomorrow!


The not-inconsiderable needle of the injection my partner gave me.



  1. Hope all went well for you two! Our next try is this coming Monday…Wish us luck!

    1. Yay! Good luck! I am not sure what’s going on this time- no symptoms at all, except the progesterone seems to be itching 😦 Still, we are now 4 days after the iui and not thinking too much about it (trying not to). Keep us posted 🙂 fingers crossed!

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