Itching, itching itching to know…

Well this post-insemination is very, very different to the last.

Because of the tardiness of our donor, our doc could not make it in the time he had to do our insemination. So it was another guy. He seemed nice. I was a little more tense than last time and I actually felt the catheta inside my uterus. Last time I think I campared the procedure to a PAP smear. This was a little more intense, but no pain. I experienced no cramping (the odd twinge, perhaps, but who knows if that wasn’t my guts?), and my partner said this guy squirted the sperm button in very slowly, as opposed the Insemination #1 when the doc gave the syringe a good decisive push.

I have no sore boobs, no headaches and no idea what’s going on inside. The only symptom I have is a physical one from the progesterone suppositories – ITCHING. ‘Charming,’ I know you are thinking, but I have to say that I don’t care – if it’s too much info for you, why are you reading a lesbian preconception blog hehe? I go to the fridge each night before sleep to collect one and stare at the little white bullets thinking, “Agggh – I really don’t want to use you!”. But it is a necessary evil to be balanced out with perspective, I suppose.

I have had a temperature spike – 2 days after the insemination it went up a little, then stayed there for two days, around 36.55, then on Friday and this morning it was much higher. In fact, Friday’s temperature was more than 37, suggesting I am unwell. If you are reading this from the US, maybe you are wondering what that is in Farenheit? Sorry, but I don’t know… High, though. However, I felt and still feel fine. Well, perhaps a little emotional. The temperature shift indicates or confirms that ovulation has taken place. It rises by ‘at least 0.1’ degrees and remains high until around a day before you get your period. If you are preg then your temperature remains high. As I had a slight shift two days after the insemination, then another on Friday morning, I began to wonder if I might only just have ovulated on Friday – but if so that would have been a full 5 days or 120 hours after the trigger shot! I don’t know if that’s possible, but hope not, coz those poor little spermies would have been long dead before the egg came out. But the trigger was given a full 10 days before my natural ovulation would have occurred… Could it be that my freaky body held onto those follicles in the face of the chemicals that were trying to pop them open?

Anyway, just now there is no way of knowing anything.

As an aside, I have not been dribbling over coffee nearly in the way I thought I would. I, a former fresh-coffee addict, am living a coffee-free life, cleansed. I really thought it would be harder than this. Still; if the insemination #2 was not a success, then I can at least comfort myself with the promise of a big steaming cup of black coffee with a dash of milk. Oh, and a glass of champagne or two?

It is 9 days till I can find out.


My lovely suppositories!


One comment

  1. Hi! I found your blog via the lovely wannabeayummymummy.

    I am so with you in the rage that those gross suppositories create. This is our second round of IUI, and I’ve got these awful little things to shove up the old’ girl twice a day. Yuck.

    I’m glad to have found your blog, and look forward to following your journey.

    Best of luck!


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