Not hot

This morning my temperature crashed and burned (flames of ice), so I am feeling very low and very sad. Trying to be optimistic, but it’s very hard. If my temp goes back up tomo, maybe it’s an “implantation dip”. Ha. My love is being very comforting, but I can’t help but feel that my body is letting us down. When I woke, my immediate temp was 36.29, compared to the last 5 days at close to 37. I couldn’t help myself testing again, and numbers two and three were both 36.65, but they don’t count, right?



  1. I’m so sorry! Try to stay positive! Could just be a fluke…you never know! I test my temps about 3 times every morning bc I get different readings so I take a few just to make sure. Keep your head up! : ) Sending you positive energy!!!

    1. Ah… Very kind words, thank you. Actually, I just came off those suppositories and perhaps my temp now is the pill level which is similar to last month? I had 36.65 again today. Who knows!? Just have to wait till tues or period… Keep us posted x

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