Tomorrow…. is finally almost here.


So tomorrow is the big day. We are trying to be sensible, but which is sensible? To ‘prepare for the worst’ and fill your mind and body with negative energy? To fill my mind with delight and anticipation and risk a huge emotional let-down? I am not sure!

We have experienced a number of exciting symptoms; extreme emotionalness, a bit of nausea, and for the first time, a temperature over the pre-ovulation ‘coverline’ for a straight 12 days. So you know, it is looking good, actually.

We are walking the middle line.

Who are we kidding?! We oscillate wildly between ‘I am SURE it’s happened! I can feel it!’ and “No, of course it hasn’t. I had such a bad reaction from those meds!’

Anyway, next time will be in November, if it hasn’t worked. Met a les couple with twins at the weekend. I kept imagining it could be us.  Maybe it will be….



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