It’s November tomorrow…

…Next cycle is in about 6 days.

Ok…. It is with some considerable apprehension that we face the drawing closer of the ‘next round’. Factors to consider: we have endured a week-long round trip to the UK and back (and hideous jetlag); a very crabby, immobile mother/ mother-in-law staying for a month, complaining the whole time about how awful condos are; the country is up to its eyes in river water (and all the muck it has picked up on it’s merry way). As a result of all these not-inconsiderable strains, my darling and i have been having more than our usual share of temper tantrums and sulks. Now add to all this that our lovely clinic is currently closed for renovation!!! 😦 This means our doc is operating out of the Bangkok Christian Hospital. This is not exactly inspiring; in uber-conservative thailand this makes me think of the pope /evangelists and other gay-disparaging branches of the religion. AND there’s more! He isn’t even here at our predicted /scheduled insemination time, so we will be dealing with strangers in a strange place (which charges more for its services, too!).

I expect we will go ahead anyway (assuming we are not sperm-blocked by the hospital!), but I don’t hold out too much hope. On the plus side, I have really enjoyed my month off, and I have indulged in some delicious pregnancy no-nos. I suppose it’s about time I started thinking about laying off the coffee again…. Tomorrow I am off to volunteer for the red cross, to hand out flood relief supplies. Good job I’m not pregnant yet – it would be hard to make myself useful lifting boxes and sacks if I was!



  1. Wow! Sounds like you are overloaded with craziness! I’m glad you enjoyed your month off! If we don’t have success with this attempt then I’ll have a 3 month break! We have less than a week until we’ll have our answer!
    I’ll be thinking of you girls! Wishing you all the best!

  2. I can imagine that it must be really stressful trying to conceive in what must look like a war zone. In fact, they reckon that there are more female babies born in times of war and strife than normal, something to do with the mother rejecting the male (weaker) embryos.

    Can I ask which clinic you use? Only because I have a very good (gay) friend who lives in Bangkok and who has offered to be a sperm donor for me, but all my research into fertility treatments there proved quite unsuccessful. We’d need a clinic who would test and freeze his sperm then ship it over to me here in Dublin. If you can give me any pointers I’d be really appreciative.

    Best of luck chica!


  3. Thank you – just started up again yesterday. Not entirely without hitch! Will blog about it later. 🙂

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