It’s time to go again…!


We have just begun the next cycle… the clinic is closed for refurbishment, so we are using the nearest local hospital. Well, actually, the clinic staff are. Let’s call it ‘Hospital A’. We found out (yesterday, day one of our second clomid cycle), that apparently Hospital A doesn’t have a lab. The nurse just casually dropped into the conversation that we ‘would have to wait till next month, because Hospital A does not do IUI.

I just flipped OUT, essentially. Well, preconception /hormone pills/ pregnancy are not known for their rationalistic influences! It took my partner haranguing the clinic staff (on the end of a phone to tell everyone they can’t inseminate?), my almost changing clinics, my partner talking sense into me, and a visit at Hospital A with my usual doc, before we established what the actual situation was. I can’t believe the flippancy with which the receptionist at our clinic seems to deliver what are death-blow-comments to a TTC (Trying To Conceive (read stark raving mad)) woman.

On further investigation, it turns out (OBVIOUSLY) that we can inseminate this month, at Hospital B.  Usually there being no lab is not a problem as it outsources, but the lab Hospital A usually uses offsite is closed due to flooding. So poor doc will travel to Hospital B (as long as that too is not flooded!) especially to do the deed. Actually it will be the first time he has performed the insemination (he hasn’t been able to get there at the right times on the right days before).

So that is the next step. Ultrasound on 16th!

Keep us up to date with your dalliances!



  1. Good Luck! I’ve never heard of a hospital that doesn’t inseminate. Maybe this new doc will do something spectacular that will give your embryo a nice place to STICK!

  2. I’ve had several of those death-blow comments too and I completely know what you mean about being stark raving mad woman TTC! I’ll be thinking about you! Hope all goes well!

    1. Man, the latest is that our guy drops in that his granny has just died and his shift just swapped to the morning one… After we’d negotiated an IUI at a different hospital in the morning (coz he told us he works the late shift). We think a sperm pick- up from him is the solution. We have not yet died from one of these death blows… Still hangin in there!

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