Donor desisting?

Hmm so getting a working girl, a working donor and a doctor in the right place at the right time is rather challenging! This time our donor is quite apologetic (again) but may not be able to help us next weekend because they have put him on the day shift

(rolls eyes to heavens)

Well, this is one of the problems of having a real live (and thoroughly human) donor. Apparently, when this baby arrives it has a very high risk of having ‘flakiness’ genes; I have them, and he certainly does too!

Trying not to get bummed out – I know it is counter productive… We shall see. I have my ultrasound this wednesday, and then we will know which day exactly the donor can’t make it … Never mind.

Our doc has not suggested a double IUI per cycle, but if our donor can’t come through this month, perhaps we could do a double whammy next month?



  1. Don’t get bummed out yet…positive thoughts can help bring postive things your way! : )
    I hope that everything works out! It sucks that trying to get pregnant is such a time sensitive issue! Wish there was something that could be done about that! Ha!
    Our Doc didn’t recommend the double IUI per cycle either but for our last shot we did give it a try.
    Hope you have a great week!

    1. You two are so sweet. Thanks for all your kind words – it really does stop you thinking you are going a bit crazy to have some conversation with people in a similar situation. Just had my ‘eggs out’ jab… IUI on Saturday morning at 10 sharp!

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