Round three!

We have had a lot on our plates recently in addition to the whole insemination process, but at least we have our home to ourselves again. We still have the ongoing issue of my partner’s incapacitated and cranky mother, but the flooding is gradually subsiding and it seems that her home is almost certainly not at risk. However, we have just had to postpone a weekend away next weekend because of work which was a big disappointment. We both seem to be very emotional at the moment, a natural consequence of all the general strain we have been under lately.

To bring you up to date, right now I am sitting in the hospital, post-IUI #3. We have been reflecting on the whole crazy process of “clinic-closed-let’s-send-you-here-there-and-round-the-bend” cycle.

We had 3 main issues this cycle, all combining to be massively irritating: (a) clinic closed; (b) the floods; (c) our donor’s new job.

Let’s start with (a): the various appointments and procedures of this cycle have had to be carried out at random locations due to flooding / refurb of the original clinic. At the outset, that sounded fine, but by the end it combined with other things to seriously raise the hairs on the backs of our necks.

The first of those ‘other things’ is (b); the flooding. I don’t want anyone reading this to think that I lack perspective on the suffering inflicted by the floods – I went out volunteering several times and the extent of some people’s loss is heartbreaking. The resilience of the thais whose homes are all but destroyed was truly humbling. As caveat to the obvious destruction, in Thailand many businesses and ordinary procedures have been interrupted and suspended. One of those ended up affecting us; the sperm lab our clinic WOULD have used while it was refurbing was closed as the site was being used to make relief packs etc.

This had many knock-on effects. I don’t know if I can be bothered to list them all, but initially a nurse told us the whole thing was impossible. ‘not today, next month!’ my face must have been a picture. If you have been ttc then you’ll understand just how crazy some throwaway comment like that could get you! Once we’d seen the doc, we confirmed our suspicions that it was awkward, but not by any means impossible. Full steam ahead, then. One other really irritating thing was that my trigger injection could not be carried out at home this time, so we had to make another trip to the hospital for that. It was at a very unfriendly tome of night and carried out by a very unfriendly nurse. The third implication ties neatly into (c). The other hospital is miles away, and extra annoying for our donor to get to, especially when his new boss is a mahoosive beyoch.

(c), then: Our donor’s new job is turning out to be a real pain up the arse for him (crappy atmosphere, inflexible management) and also for us. Due to the logistical issues of conception, he needed to be available at the given time on the given day. We had been told his shift hours and so passed these onto to our doc. It transpired that his boss had deigned to change his shift to the morning one on the very day we needed him (he is covering everyone’s sickies because he’s new) rendering him unavailable between 10am and 7pm. This decision was unchangeable, and made even more annoying for him by the fact that his last late shift (in bed at 4am) was the night before. Then after so much wrangling, we established our routine for the day. It really was awkward;
* we could not make the time the doc originally scheduled because we were taking the mother-in-law to another hospital precisely then;
* our donor could not make it to the hospital to donate at any time, really, so we went to get it from him at home. They really thought we were just TOO weird asking for this, and it was only allowed after lots of phone calls back and forth between the Very Annoying Hospital and our doc. As they handed over the specimen cup, they stared as though we had two heads.
So, we leapt out of bed on the Saturday. We had to sperm harvesting at 7.30 because it needed to be prepped for 10am when doc was going off to perform a caesarian section. We met our donor who took the cup upstairs and said he much preferred this donation than the other times! So we will continue this approach as sperm couriers if next month we need to try again. Then, a bit like Tibette in the Lword, we clutched our tiny, precious cargo and hopped on a motorbike taxi to the hospital. Once we were there, it was quite straightforward!

We got some info about the sperm this time, and a bit of banter from our doctor. The info suggests that it should get me pregnant sooner or later: 54 Million sperm per ml, 98% motility!!! The count is about average, but these little guys are excellent swimmers! It is hard to imagine how it could not work, when only one of these 54million-or-more guys has to reach an egg.

So here we are – another two week wait…. We’ll let you know when we know something!

My knees after the IUI.


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  1. So excited for you two! Keep yourself busy so that the 2ww will fly by!

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