Sore nipples! Ooooch…

Sore nipples! I am desperately trying not to let this get the better of me, but this is certainly a new one! I have shifted my expectancy levels massively since my first two failed attempts, but still it is hard not to obsess over all these symptoms. First thing: very very noticeable shift to fatigue, despite ample sleep. Secondly, my nipples are sore – not my breast tissue, but my NIPPLES! Thirdly, a second temp spike 6 days after the IUI. I KNOW I ought to wait to see if it is still high tomorrow, but it is so difficult to contain it.

Of course, these are all very possibly symptoms of progesterone supplements, and not pregnancy, so, I am trying to stay neutral!





  1. Sam Hillbilly · · Reply

    Any further info?

    1. Noooo….. The two week wait is enough to make you go crazy. I feel quite mad. Just saying! x x x

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