Oh, well….

Well, I am really disappointed by my bbt readings. Somehow, it appears I managed to convince myself I am pregnant without even realising it. Although there are no signs that show for sure if you are PG, this is surely a sign in favour of my not being.

So I suppose my sore nipples are just progesterone by-products?

Ugh, I hate this game.

First this happened:



Then this:


Is it possible to end up pregnant in spite of these readings, or is it essentially over for me now this cycle?



  1. The waiting is the worst part…it can drive you completely crazy! Hang in there!

  2. yes, it really can! I don’t know how many more times I can think ‘next time….’ It is the worry of it continuing not to happen that is the worry.

  3. Olive Niemand · · Reply

    Ok, I am a few days late but I also see no update?? What was the outcome?

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