Number 4

So i am here again in our lovely familiar clinic! No more hopping about between different venues (hurrah!). Exciting news; talked to my doctor last Saturday when he did the ultrasound and we came to the agreement to do the double IUI. It was funny; he told me as he did last time I asked about it that he doesn’t recommend it because the increase in cost is not proportionate to the increase in success rates. Very honest. He repeated this answer several times before answering my question “but DOES it increase the chances?” with a reluctant “yes, slightly.” He said as long as I didn’t mind the extra cost and inconvenience then we could do it. I was thinking, “sod the inconvenience, I want to get pregnant!!”. I just had to check with the donor, and if he was free (he was) we’d go for it.

We also discussed the next steps if IUI remains unsuccessful. The clinic cannot see any abnormalities in my uterus or tubes on the ultrasound, but after 4 unsuccessful cycles they allow testing via a laparoscopy through my belly button (yuck!! Thank god I would have a general anaesthetic for that!). If/ when I want some answers then I can get some (through invasive surgery!). I will hold off on that, I think- I remain optimistic about my fertility so far; remembering that the chances for pregnancy are remarkably slim, there is no need for concern yet, right? This is my fourth cycle in total and only my third to be assisted with clomid and progesterone. Early, early days!

My ultrasound this month showed that my follicles were interesting again; one superfollicle of 20mm, and about 5 more, very small ones ( I think the largest was only 10).

In my attempts to maximise my fertility, I have renounced refined carbohydrates from my diet this month. I know I am taking hormone supplements, but a friend of mine (currently 6 months through her second successful pregnancy) told me that she started to research treatment into her own former fertility problems. She had lots of them and had been told she wouldn’t have any kids. She has poly cystic ovaries (PCOS) and her ultrasounds showed blockages and patches and bumps and all sorts. She told me that carbohydrates can seriously affect fertility and that I ought to consider giving them up. For two months, she didn’t eat any carbs (whole/complex OR refined), according to this diet e-book designed to improve symptoms and problems associated with PCOS. I was very sceptical, and didn’t think I fancied it, but she says that the difference to her ultrasounds after that two month period were staggering, and the doctors who’d been treating her were really amazed. After doing my own research, happily I found that the advice regarding fertility as opposed to PCOS is not quite as extreme, but it is based on the same principle. It makes a lot of sense for general health and as a corollary, fertility. It’s all to do with the fact that eating refined carbs affects your blood sugar levels. Whole wheat takes a long time to break down, and the fibre is indigestible. Refined carbs turn into simple sugars very quickly and mess up your blood sugar. Insulin is produced to balance it in most people, but the bloodstream’s hormone balance is affected, or can be in some individuals (I suppose when there is an issue with insulin production?). This can cause ovulatory issues in those people. So I have decided to try not eating them any more. They are evil (unfortunately they are in lots of yummy food like fried rice and pad thai). I am already off coffee and tee-total – in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say in the UK!

These stories are going to be amusing to recount one day, I imagine. Yesterday I had to ask my school nurse to administer my jab. This was fairly embarrassing, but because those ladies know me as a professional rather than a patient, I really kept my phobic wailing under control (wish my partner could’ve seen it- she’d have been so proud, lol). This is because instead of doing the 6am shot at home, the time for a double IUI is 10am, when we are already 2 lessons into the school day. So I went to the medical room before school to stash the syringe in their freezer. I went to have the injection while the class were having their playtime. I have a bit of a red dot this time, although it was a totally painless jab again.

So, here I am. I’m a bit sad as I have to do it all by myself this time. It’s the festive season here in Bangkok too. Given that my partner is a head chef and it’s Christmas time, with promotional seasonal menu, she’s unable to leave her staff much at all. Add into that mix that she’s got to use her weekend days off on wed and thur this week to go to hospital with her mum’s sister >.< , and you can work out the reasons that this month (today and tomorrow), i have to go it alone 😦 I know she is with me in spirit, though!

So it’s all on repeat tomorrow, and I will keep you posted on how it goes. I want to get some running in on thurs and fri. I really want to stay fit and trim so that I’m as healthy as possible for conception, then pregnancy, then, all that time down the line, returning to a body that resembles the one I have now.


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  1. I’m so sorry you have to do this cycle alone. That couldn’t suck more. But I know your partner is there with you in spirit. And from the other side of the world, MKL and I are hoping and praying that this is the one! Fingers crossed that soon you’ll be just as exhausted and nauseous as I am! 🙂

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