Wellbeing for conception

So I am discovering that my diet is quite restricted now that I have pretty much sworn off refined carbohydrates. I actually feel very cross about how they are often marketed as healthy (take for example cornflakes, which contain so few nutrients, the manufacturers have to add them in at the end of the very long production routine) how bad they are for us. Here in Thailand, I never really ate rice anyway, often feeling it was more Delish to fill up on the stir fries and curries as opposed to filling up with rice and leaving no room for them! Obviously brown rice is ok, but it’s harder to come by in restaurants here. However I do love pad Thai and I am sad to have to give it up. The good news is you can substitute the white rice noodles for ‘wun sen’ or glass noodles. These handy fellas are definitely available in London too as I have bought them before from Chinatown. They are high in protein and made from mung beans :). They are a bit tricky to handle before cooking- they can’t be easily separated or cut. Other things which can be eaten are all whole wheat carbs.

Seriously, I feel really cross that this information is not more widely published- I feel like my government (all governments) have purposefully duped us into eating crap, when there is such a wealth of info about what these carbs do to our systems. I’m not saying I will never eat a cake again, I am just saying look at what the cake does to you! Be aware!

White flour, which we all eat unthinkingly all the time, actually strips your body of nutrients and causes loads of problems. Try to cut them out, especially if you are TTC! Xxx



  1. Hi,
    Just checking in to see how the 2ww going?? Keep the faith and I am thinking of you!!

    1. Thanks! Well I have zero symptoms this time (different again from the other cycles). So far I have a good high temp. We just have to wait and see! Hope you are also doing ok?

  2. Keeping the fingers crossed!! My side, we did no medications or IUI this month but I did get a positive with a ovulation test so I am hoping (when I know it is better not to). AF is due on 25/12 …..

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