Attack of the Zs

Well it seemed to set in yesterday, this exhaustion I am feeling. I was full of beans all the way up to 6 days post IUI. Today is 7 days post IUI, it’s only 11.42 am and I am dead on my feet. The timing makes this sudden change quite exciting; although every one of the 4 cycles I have undergone have produced very different symptoms. My boobs were definitely the most sore when we inseminated after my natural O (but we have to induce it because the luteal phase in my natural cycle is way too short). Of my three clomid and progesterone cycles I have had lessening symptoms: last month I had very novel sore nipples! Anyway, there is absolutely no way of telling. I am guessing my temps will drop in one to two days and then my period will follow. But just in case I’m wrong, I’ll keep you informed!



  1. Fingers crossed for you!!!!

    1. I can’t imagine I’ll be lucky enough, but I have all my digits crossed too. For you as well!

  2. hey hey,

    how are things going? when will you be testing>?

    1. Hey hey…. Well I was getting very over-excited as my bbt chart this month is perfect – now 15days post-IUI and still high. However, a bit of research led to the gutting discovery that when on progesterone suppositories, your temp will remain high and your AF will not usually come UNTIL you stop using them. So despite this being the best chart EVER, I am still in the dark. Wow what a fun roller coaster this is!!! Should be blood testing tomorrow, I really hope it has happened this time, but I only had a single follicle…

  3. oh well, i never left any comment here. i can’t say how exciting i am for these days. Im really looking forward to having a baby with you. fingers crossed! Hopefully this time otherwise we will keep trying again, i know you will be pregnant one day my love. You will be the best mummy of our kid 🙂 Im dedicated myself to you and our family. Love you with all my heart xx

    your Ling

    1. I love this message! I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you! I don’t know what to expect at all and I know we’ll be ok whichever way this goes. I love you so much and you’ll make an amazing mummy too.
      X x x x
      Love always, R

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