Precipice number 4. + or – ?

Hey all, how are you? I’ll tell you how I am; on the edge of an abyss about to fall in.
It sounds dramatic, but that’s cos it is; I am pumped full of hormones and about to find out the answer to this life-changing question for the fourth time. I wish I could take it lighter; I wish I could have a sense of humour about it, but it’s so f*****g hard!
I had been getting quietly very very excited, as my temps have been very high, and stayed high. I have read that if your temp stays raised for 14 days or more you are likely to be pg. I have never had a chart like this one, ever, and i’ve been charting for two years ( lucky I did as my doc was able to show me a luteal phase problem very quickly).
I don’t know if you have been following my blog, but the suppositories I tried and failed to use in ’round 2′ are way more effective that the pills which have to be metabolised by the liver and then spread in the bloodstream. That’s why I decided to try them again despite the hideous side effects the first time (I went back to the pills after a week in cycle #2). This time the didn’t irritate me in the slightest. I should have gone for my blood test two days ago but I am on holiday out of town with my parents. Last month, AF Came five days early; this month she’s a little late. Very exciting. However, i was obsessively reading and it turns out (thanks again doc for explaining everything so clearly) these highly effective little progesterone plugs often delay your period. So having dared to hope that this time I might actually have a fertilised blastocyst implanting in my uterus (had a few unexplained cramps and twinges), my hopes were dashed again. Who knows what I am gonna find out? Not me! Not my wonderful partner… How can people take the strain of this process for a year, two years, three?
I wish you all all the best and I’ll blog again about my BFN or BFP.


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