So.. We have discussed the option of IVF. Once, seeming like something we would never have need of, we dismissed it out of hand. However, given the nature of the IUI cycles; the uncertainty and lack of answers as to why it hasn’t been effective, I think we are gonna save for IVF. At least, we are going to consult our doc (who seems very pro-IVF anyway). He says that someone of my age, with my good quality eggs, the success rate should be about 50%. Also, even better, he would expect to be able to harvest up to 10 eggs during the process. He would make all the eggs into embryos and freeze the ones he doesn’t use. He would insert 5. If it was not successful then the others would be inserted on a second cycle for a similar cost to IUI. So you get two cycles for the price of one. That is two goes at 50%. That sounds better to me than 100000000 goes at around 15% without any satisfactory answers / guarantees; with a significant strain on the emotions and psyche. We plan to maybe leave Thailand in August 2013- that’s not long to get all this done and a baby born. That’s another reason to up the ante. Here, IVF costs 110000Thai Baht. That is about £2000. Less than a third of the UK cost. I know myself. I am emotional and I can’t stand not knowing. I’m quite decisive and can’t be all “Que sera, sera!” about this. It’s too big.
However, the stakes are high- if it doesn’t work, it is going to be all the more upsetting.



  1. I’m excited and scared to start IVF. Excited because the chances of success are so much higher but scared because I have no more options if it fails. I have a good feeling about it though.

  2. Keep us updated on the possiblity of IVF. We have tossed around that idea if these next few rounds of IUI aren’t successful.
    Sending good vibes your way! Try to stay positive!

  3. I am with you! We also rather going to save up for IVF and not waste all this money on IUI and sit with the pain each month after month!

    Good luck

  4. I wish now that we could have started out with IVF! We’ve paid enough to rival it, but our doctor isn’t willing to consider it yet… Good luck!

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