Time out.

Well, next Saturday is when we will go and talk to our Dr. about IVF. I feel that if he recommends it, it is the right decision for us. The chances cannot be any higher than they are with this process and I feel that while we are here we ought to take advantage of the relatively low price tag, my OK age and good health.
It’s cheaper here (less than 1/3 of UK cost) – and given the complexity and amazingness of what they are actually doing, we don’t begrudge the high cost.
The chances of success in women over 40 is about 40%. With someone of my age with my egg quality doc says the success rate would be considerably higher.
IUI sucks.
We are leaving this county in a year and a half. That’s not much time.

It’s still EXPENSIVE.
If it doesn’t work we are out of options (but I think mum and dad would lend us money for a second cycle).
I would potentially have to take a day off work for egg extraction, and I don’t want to tell them about my fertility treatment.

We have bought some new reading material (see below!) and I’ll let you know what I think of the titles.

On the positive side, I have been enjoying my daily coffee, not taking my daily temps, the odd cocktail and not popping hormone pills that make me crazy. Doing the drugs month after month for IUI can’t be good.

Good luck everyone!






  1. Hi,

    Further to my reply to your comment, I have a couple of other things to say!!

    1) You will need AT LEAST a day off for egg collection. I had two, which was recommended by the hospital. The general anaesthetic really does knock you for six.

    2) Our IVF cost us about £5K if you don’t include paying for the sperm (I’m assuming you guys already have sperm?), just so you have a comparison. That is all in including consultations and medication.

    3) 5 embryos seems a lot! I know that you want the best possible chance of getting pregnant but I have two babies from 2 embryos. The thought of 5 implanting…..YIKES! UK legislation limits the number of embryos transferred to 2 for under 40s and 3 for over 40s.

    4) One option for cheaper treatment is egg sharing. We decided against it because it was our first try and I’m not convinced I want our babies to have a potential whole other family of half siblings alongside the potential half siblings they will have from the donor. However, egg sharing does equal free IVF (you just pay expenses like medication) and if this round haven’t worked, we might have thought about going down that road.

    Hope this is useful information and not just me butting in to share my two cents 🙂

    Wishing you guys all the best luck xx

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks so much for your useful advice; I am sure I will pick your brains further!! We Have not managed to talk to the doctor yet, so we are not sure what path he’ll advise us to take.

      I will go to the appointment with a barrage of questions from he reading I have been doing – interestingly regarding what you said about the embryos,one book says to increase your chances of carrying to term, only put one embryo in. That’s not at all what our doc says! I think a problem with practise here is that it can be a little behind the times. Anyway, I’ll write all about it all.

      I am more than a little interested in your experience / thoughts on the process in the UK, but also on surviving as a teacher in the UK /london, as we will be trying to forge a life for ourselves and our newborn, if the whole procedure works. Frankly I am terrified! Life here is so easy, and adding a baby to London life is a complete unknown… We’ll see!



      1. Hey you,
        Good luck with your appointment on Saturday and please remember to update me. Would love know know more and just everything. Remember to write down your list of questions as you know how we get and then you forget to ask half the questions

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