Questions for Dr.

Questions for our doctor:

1) Given that the number of medium-large follicles I produced through clomid went from 8, to 6 to 1, do you think that next cycle we should try IVF?

A) if NOT:

  • What would you advise? I don’t want to continue the blind process, waiting month after month.
  • I have read that after 4 cycles doing IUI with clomid ‘most women who will fall pregnant through IUI will have done so’. I have also read that ‘after three cycles on clomid a woman’s chances of getting pregnant through IUI become lower again.’ Would you agree with this?
  • What about one cycle using a type of contraceptive pill to rejuvenate clomid’s effectiveness?
  • What about using injectable egg growers in place of clomid pills?

B) if YES

  •  Can we do it in March? In what ways can we pay for the IVF? In three chunks? Will I need to inhale nasal sprays in Feb?
  • Would you advise a laparoscopy as well? what problems could you see via a laparoscopy that have not shown up through my short luteal phase (corrected with progesterone suppositories) and my apparently ‘perfect’ (doc’s words) uterus seen via normal ultrasound?
  • What do you think about ‘SET’ (Single Embryo Transfer)? (I read that replacing a number of embryos as high as 5 is considered very risky)
  • What do you think about day 5 (blasocyst) transfer?

Can anyone think of any others?

Mini Book Review

Re. the books in my last post, the Hormonal Balance for Fertility (by Dr Green) one is the best – but his programme for hormonal balance is very all-encompassing and difficult to cover ‘to a T.’  The one specifically about IVF I felt was a little bit patronising and not actually that informative. Lots about choosing a clinic (chapters on it!) which isn’t so relevant to us. The info about differnet kinds of  assisted reproduction was ok but that was also in the book I liked best. I already don’t like the one with the smug meditating pregnant lady on the front, so i have stopped reading it.




  1. Hey,

    I like, just one question. Have your doctor never done a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy before proceeding with IUI?? On this side of the world they insist on doing it before IUI and or IVF. I would question this with your doctor.

    Love your list

    1. Well I think as a lesbian it’s a bit different as I had not already been trying before I began treatment. There was no reason to assume before starting that I would have a problem trying to conceive. So now nothing has happened, it could be time. My doc is extremely chilled out about the whole issue- sometimes too chilled out! Like i say – i don’t want a “que sera, sera,” attitude… I want a “a baby sera!! Let’s see what we can do!” attitude. I’ll see what he says.

  2. Maybe but if I were you I would ask for that before you proceed with IVF, with the lap they can see so much more and if there are a problem they can see it and fix it immediately before you spend alot of money on IVF and it is not needed.

    Just my thoughts! Cannot wait to hear what the doctor has to say

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