Life’s rich tapestry… sperm, prayer and the donor’s family.

I am going to write today about another aspect of our baby-making-journey that I will wager is fairly unique.

I have already told you that our donor is totally amazing. He is a really selfless person and though he can be scatty and impulsive and tardy (as can I) he has taken this process of sperm donation on whole heartedly and without complaint.

Many Thai and Buddhist men become monks for a period of meditation, reflection and merit making. Often families expect it of their sons when they are fairly young, but sometimes men can leave it until later, when it is a decision they themselves make, rather than a question of familial pressure.  I have become quite familiar with waiing at shrines and temples with my Thai partner. We have also been together for blessings by Buddhist monks.

This weekend we went for an extra-special blessing. We went off at 5 am this Sunday morning to meet our donor’s family and fiancee to make our donor an offering. It was great to be there and meet his parents who were so gracious, given that what their son is doing for us is not usually condoned in Thai Chinese culture. To my surprise, there was also a very emotional moment, when we offered our alms to him. He said to us that this time in religious meditation as a monk was the most merit he could make, and he hoped that the karma would direclty influence our next fertility treatment.

It was a very special day.



  1. Wow, sounds like it was so special!! I am glad you guys had this special day xxx

  2. Hi, just came across your blog and wanted to wish you luck with your journey 🙂 we will be starting the IVF journey after our wedding next year

    1. Wow – thanks! It’s getting close now. I am not sorry to be leaving IUI behind – there are too many unknowns and the waiting and disappointment are literally torture. I’ll follow your blog now too 🙂

  3. Yeah – it was a very special day! 🙂

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