At the end of this cycle…..

This is a very short post to say we have hit a point where our IVF is seeming very real. My Feb period is over. That means this is my last alcohol weekend and my coffee is going to go down to a single small cup in the mornings again (we have the most wonderful tea, but I am concerned I am drinking pesticides along with it… surely coffee is preferable!?). That means that next period, we are GO. On day 2. I feel a little nervous. One blogger told me that i’d need to take a day off work after egg extraction, but my clinic carries out all procedures during the week after 4pm, so i will probably work a full day, have the extraction, and see if I am able to wake up the next day. Eek!

My doc really satisfied me last time I asked him questions. He explained the procedure very clearly to me, and I am confident not that it will be a success, but that we are in good hands.

We had some difficult news this week too though, relating to my wonderful wife-to-be. She had a major op in 2010 to remove some kilo of fibroid from her uterus (one was the size of a grapefruit!). She has been going for check-ups since and has had some problems with he breasts too (benign lumps which produce fluid, needing to be drained periodically). This check-up revealed some very small fibroids and ovarian cysts. It’s nothing to worry about yet, but we need to go back next month to check their growth rate. My darling responds to this by worrying that she is in generally bad health, and that she has many problems. She tells me I should find a new partner in good health and who can raise a baby better.

My response: SHUT UP!!! There is noone in this world who can offer me what you do. We are a team and together we will battle life’s downs as well as surf the highs. Noone else could be by my side through this fertility treatment; through the disappointments and the torturous waiting. Noone else could be the other mummy of this child we are planning. The wedding vows say “in sickness and in health, for better or worse;” and when I say I will marry you, that is what I am promising. I love you babe.


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