a few weird goings-on….

This is not exactly baby / ttc related, but nonetheless something we are going through at the moment.

When I met my partner A, amongst all the other things we told each other, she mentioned she has some sort of sixth sense. Over the years, she has had several encounters which can’t be easily explained. I am a skeptic, but also open to changing my mind about something if the evidence is compelling. Which, at the moment it seems to be.

Let me begin at the beginning. Around one week ago, A was at work at the end of the day. They were cleaning up and the place was quiet. Suddenly, her two colleagues looked at each other and freaked out, saying “Who was that calling you?”. There was noone else there, and A didn’t hear it herself, but apparently there was a little child’s voice calling her name. They all thought it was weird, but my partner wasn’t surprised, as she has had lots of these experiences before. The next morning, after I had gone to work, A was alone in bed and someone started laughing in our bedroom. A awoke, but wasn’t able to move. She saw an indistinct shape above her and then felt the ‘girl’ jump up and down on her legs. She asked the presence if she wanted to play and began to feel a bit afraid. Soon the leg jumping stopped and A’s phone began to flash as though someone was touching it. A saw that it was 8am.

Then, I had a strange experience. In the 2 and a half years we have been together, A has never talked in her sleep or woken me. The two nights after these other occurrences, A (or our ‘presence’?) roughly woke me to ask me things which are seemingly nonsensical. Sleep talking, right? Well yes, but very out of character. The first night i had my back to her and I heard laughing. Then she yanked my shoulder around to her side and said, “What did you do? What did you do?”. I was very sleepy, and it became clear to me very quickly that she was also asleep, and we both fell back to sleep and talked about it in the morning. She had no recollection. The next night, she woke me again, this time there was no laughing, but the question was, “Who is DH? Who is DH?”. We both awoke a little more than the last night, and i asked her again, “What did you say?”, to which her reply was “Yes! WHo is DH?”. What is unusual about htis is just the

The next night, A’s phone started flashing by itself again, and a few doors have opened when we are sure we shut them (but by now our minds are playing tricks, so can’t be sure).

The thing that made my hair stand up on end was yesterday as we were going out in the morning. We left our apartment and were chatting as we entered the lift (elevator). As the door shut, A gasped and said “Open the door!!” but it was too late as we’d started descending. I saw her astonishment and she told me that we had to go back up because she had seen the shape or shadow of a child between the doors of the lift as they were shutting. SO CREEPY! I didn’t see it at all, but I wasn’t looking at the doors and definitely felt A’s conviction and astonishment. Of course, on our return to our floor, there was noone there, but A studied the gap in the doors as they closed and said that the space this time was light.

So make of it what you will, A says she thinks the girl is still here and just wants to play. Yesterday really creeped us out. it’s more a cumulative creepiness – all these smaller events together are adding up, and A is honest and matter-of-fact about the encounters she has had throughout her life. Just because I haven’t seen them does not mean they aren’t real, right?



  1. nothingifnotoptimistic · · Reply

    How odd!! While I haven’t experienced anything like that, I am a firm believer in things like signs and that there is all sorts of stuff out there that we might never know about.
    I’m always on the look out for little signs and it might be a case of self fulfilling prophecies, but I always seem to find them. So I think if you’re a little more open to it, you might catch a glimpse of what A experiences too. 🙂

  2. I’m creeped out and I’m thousands of miles away! I don’t know what to make of it all…it is all very odd. It sounds like something out of the movies! Go buy a camera and start taping all of it!

    1. This activity has all tailed off a bit now. It was quite freaky for a while…! x A/R

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