T-minus 2 (or maybe 4 given that last month was February) days to AF

I have not posted in a while – work has been very busy and both A and I have not been at our best. We arranged some ‘us’ time today which was great and we spent it…. having a clear out! It was actually a great day and neither of us could BELIEVE the amount of stuff we had to get rid of! We’ll be trying to sell some at a Thai kind of street sale on 17th and 18th (here’s hoping there is no clash with the egg extraction!!!) and then giving the rest away to a children’s foundation I think (the clothing at least). My iphone is currnetly switched off and submerged in a bag of uncooked rice, and I am hoping it might recover form this morning’s coffee incident (don”t ask – but on the bright side, the coffee was black and had no sugar in it, and I don’t think it got in any of the phone’s holes (and noooo, I dont’ have insurance). Last night we had the monthly lesbian Party we host, and that was great fun, but something else that keeps us busy!

We have been attending some Buddhist and Hindhu temples lately ( we do go regularly together to make offerings, but recently it has become more frequent). On Koh Chang last week we went to see a man who is very religious and has become known locally as a medium for the Hindhu God Ganesha. He told us we needed to bring an offering of 19 lotus flowers to Ganesha so we went to do that today. Yesterday we went to the Egg temple in Cha Choeng Sao and my goodness it was absolutely heaving – there is such faith. This is quite new to me but I have been introduced very slowly to buddhism by A. I find it very comforting to try to organise my thoughts and be clear in my head as I ‘tell’ the Buddha what I am hoping for, and ask for his help. While on the topic of other-worldliness, I thought I should tell you that the weird goings on I previously blogged about have stopped as suddenly as they started.

So apologies for the lack of activity, but I have been, y’know, active. That’s how we want it to stay for the coming weeks. I will let you know what’s going on in the process and even try to name my meds once I have got them… it’s quite exciting – especially as this time we know we have a comparatively high chance of success..! But we MUST NOT get our hopes up. It’s so futile.

Anyway – work tomorrow, so off to bed for us! Good night!




  1. A Sweet Life · · Reply

    Hey – looks like we are on similar schedules – I have 2-4 days till AF (does not) show! Good luck – I hope this is your month!!!

    Check out my blog!

    1. Hi there – Actually just about 10 mins ago I discovered that the AF is already on its way here (TMI warning -some pink goo), so I will probably be on CD1 tomorrow! Just try to stop me posting about this later. I tried to check out your blog but I was unable to do it due to my work computer – again, will check when home. Good luck too! So excited!!

    2. Says the blog is deleted…?

      1. sorry. try now, it should work!

  2. Hey,
    So did AF start? When you getting your treatment plan? Meds? Please let me know I am so excited for you. Good luck with this cycle and remember to keep us posted!!

  3. Hey there – my AF is headed here too!! Tons of spotting today (with clots and all, sorry TMI)
    It should be starting in a few days, oh joy 😦

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