And we’re off!!!

I wanted to blog yesterday about IVF DAY 1, but I was too utterly knackered. I went straight from work for my blood test appointment, arriving around 5pm and got home at about 9.30. It was pretty much lights out. A was working so I had had to go by myself, but thankfully my mum and dad were at a loose end and we spent the time
Whatsapping between continents. I love them so much. Afterwards they whatsapped my partner about becoming grandparents and thanked her for taking such good care of me 🙂 🙂

Anyway, the nurse took the blood at around 5.30 and I had to wait for an hour for the results. I had tried to ask what the blood test was for when I’d arrived, bit there had been a bit of a language barrier, so until i went in to see Doc, i was still in the dark. One funny thing that happened was that a friend of a friend turned up with her partner for her first IUI while I was waiting. It was very funny and we wished each other luck. Her donor was visiting and ‘deposited’ four times, but they discovered yesterday that he made so little it only amounted to two treated batches! I know these sorts of setbacks are so awful so I am really crossing my fingers for them.

The hour’s wait soon turned into two hours and at 7.30pm I went in. Turns out the jab was to check my hormone levels:


Apparently they are ok and we can begin! So we discussed the timescale and he explained that I’ll need to mix the meds myself (argh!). It’s MENOPUR (should i be concerned that it sounds like ‘menopause’?). There are some meds which are ready mixed but because this one is the most effective it’s what he prescribes. Anyway I’ll take some pics of all the composite parts when we have our first go later.

The Doc told me I’ll return on Saturday for the first ultrasound and the next batch of meds. Then Tues 13th I’ll find out the exact date of the EC (egg collection). Wooo!

So we really are all systems go at the moment. I am willing my body to cook lots of eggs so that there is much less pressure on us to be successful this time. Lots of relaxation I think!!!



  1. This feels like yesterday, how you guys doing??

    1. Trying not to think about it!! :/ x

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