IVF CD3! How to mix your meds!

So, I promised you some info regarding the injection set-up.

I am betting we are going to have some trouble. Each injection of Menopur is comprised of the contents of these things: three solids, two liquids, a MASSIVE needle (for retreiving and mixing the liquid in the solids) and a little needle.

You need to pop the tops off the three tubes with the solids inside, The solid looks like a tablet, but kind of vaporises when you put in the big needle and its liquid – weird. I was really trying to watch the moment when it dissolved but I really couldn’t see it!

(can’t see the solid so much because they steamed up when I took them from the fridge!)

Then you have to rotate the little glass vials containing the liquid medicine so that the blue dot is facing away from you. These are completely sealed and you have to break the glass! So after you have aligned it, you wrap it in a tissue and ‘snap’ away from you.

Next comes th mixing. You have to assemble the BIG needle (pop the syringe nub on it – not so bad) and suck up half of the liquid in the (formerly) sealed vial. Then you stick the needle into one vial containing the solid and squirt it in – you have that magic vaporising moment as described above (I think that ‘s about the most fun involved here, don’t you?!). Leave the newly mixed med in container for the (formerly) solid meds for now cos you have two more to dissolve! You must only use 75% of the liquid in those vials, by the way!! Throw out the rest. It’s not just me; this is some complicated stuff right?

(the vials of liquid)

I think this is the hardest part; you then have to suck up the liquid into the syringe from all the three vials. and REMOVE ALL THE BUBBLES. This, for a kak-handed chick like me is no mean feat. I am not looking forward to trying this when my honey gets home.

And after all that, you have to do a slow injection which feels quite weird going in. Not painful, but you can feel the drug, a bit like a pressure in your cells.


(That’s a pic of needles and syringe)


One comment

  1. Wow! Looks complicated and painful! I hate shots! Good Luck! So excited for you two and wishing you the best!

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