God these little glass vials are a bitch and today the jab really hurt. I could never manage it myself – my partner is an absolute godsend, snapping the vials when I’m too chicken; administering the jab… Did I already tell you how much I love her? 😉
I’m so tired. I walked home instead of running, as I have read the exercise can possibly have a negative effect on the results of IVF (anyone know anything about this? cos i think not being able to run will add to my ttc craziness, not reduce it), lay down by the window to read my book


Lovely…. And woke up three hours later.
Here are some pics of our second DIY medical administration:

The well designed (ahem!!) opening mechanism of the glass vial)

Yay! This is how it’s supposed to look..!

Using the large needle to suck up the mixture.

20120308-225843.jpg got to flick out all these bubbles!


One comment

  1. You guys sounds like a fantastic team! I also struggled so with the menopur, think we just to stressed out about it. The first time it took me like 15min to prepare the shot ….

    Thinking of you!

    ps when must you go for blood tests and scan?

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