Today has been a bit of a bummer for a couple of reasons. First of all we got into an altercation with a really f****g crazy Tuk Tuk driver on our way to my work. He nearly knocked us off an then got road rage because we beeped at him. He reversed and then zoomed past us and cut us up beeping his horn. Then he got out and wielded a big wooden club. He was off his tree on yaa baa (meth) or drunk and he was pretty scary. He backed off without incident when he realised what he was doing, or when he saw how busy it was and how many horrified onlookers there were…. This stuff is very unusual here but I guess can happen anywhere and it’s never a stress-free start to the day. Both bad driving and yaabaa are common in Bangkok but road rage is not at all. I didn’t think I was shaken up by it really though, until I had a little argument with my brother. Actually it’s quite a big one but it’s sadly nothing new. Anyway I was texting mum and writing him some emails and crying like a big baby. Maybe the drugs are helping with the tears? I also feel fat like a hippo too.

The kids were cute today, but one of my loveliest kids really wasn’t himself and mum went with him to the nurse but didn’t want to take him home despite his having a nasty ear infection. It only got worse throughout the day and the school called mum who didn’t pick up and then said she’d collect him early, and didn’t! He was really in pain crying quietly and stuff. I felt really bad for him – i let him sleep on the big cushions in the book corner, and by hometime he was totally out cold. Mum doesn’t work and the condo she lives in is right next to school. She’s got a nanny for her younger son – I couldn’t believe she left him in class! I want to take him home for  myself.

But then i also popped to the clinic who told me  that at this stage in the cycle I CAN run (just not extra exertion – what my body is used to) which made me feel better. I went for a long walk again instead. They gave me the sperm pot for us to take to donor tomorrow. One more menopur tonight before I’m back in the clinic (my baby has to work again). No more gruesome pics tonight! A little up and down today. Can’t wait to see my honey when she gets in…


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