IVF CD6 – first ultrasound.

So been for the scan…! So did the menopur work? Has it all been worth it?

Pretty amazed at the news. I have altogether 14 follicles. I asked dr lots of questions again (I think he thinks I am amusing), and I can detail some important Q&As for anyone else undergoing the procedure:

***What percentage of follicles does the doc expect to produce eggs of high quality?
About 80%, which would be about 11. And a further 80% of this number would make it to be an embryo.
Then he finished up saying that he thinks we should have more than 10 embryos, as he would hope for someone of my age.

*** Do you gain weight/ retain fluid during an IVF cycle?
Yes >.< However if you are not pregnant, this weight will drop very quickly. If you are, it won't. No surprises there, then!

***Can you exercise during IVF?
It depends on the stage. While on menopur, you can, but you must stay hydrated and not over exert. After EC you'll need to rest and not exert yourself at all- it will be uncomfortable. Then comes the transfer, and after this, the critical stage will be 5 days where you are advised to do nothing further than your normal working day and then lots of resting. After those 5 days are up, you can begin to increase your activity again.

We will come back on Tuesday for the next one, and between now and then, the meds will change a bit. Now we have to continue the menopur (that's some powerful shizzle!! 14 follicles after 4 days!) but add in a second jab at the same time which is an inhibitor. This means the menopur continues doing its job of growing the eggs but the new drug stops your body ovulating them. Thus the optimum number remain fat and ready for collection by the scary needle. Thank GOD I'll be asleep!

Feeling way more positive today!



  1. Fantastic news!!!! So what are the next step for you guys?

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Really pleased as we get much better value for money if he takes out a lot of eggs – we can insert the frozen embryos later if the first cycle doesn’t work. Seeing as the IVF has stretched us to our financial limits that is a real bonus. Insertion of frozen embryo only costs a bit more than IUI. Next is more injections and another ultrasound on Tuesday. then EC on Thur/Fri/Sat. Dr. doesn’t know till he’s had a look on Tuesday.
      Hope you’re all right?

      1. Really great news. I really believe this will work out for you guys. I will be keeping everything crossed that your eggies grows nicely and that you give us even better news by Tuesday.

        I am doing good today, my doctor told me the success rate on DE IVF are 70% so my heart are filling up with so much hope

      2. wow that’s high! looking forward to following your journey! 🙂

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