IVF CD7 – the start of centrotide

We were going to go to the cinema today but decided we were a bit tired and changed our minds. This morning we had been busy with my partner A’s first paid Thai cooking course. It was good fun as I got to take loads of photographs for her food blog and she got to share the love of her favourite food. T chose from a list of things to make- it was all yum! He was really happy and so were we.
See here for the pics:
Anyway. Now we are home again I am feeling really unable to relax. Last night’s menopur jab was horrible. It really hurt, basically. I can feel my hair standing on end thinking about having to administer the new drug tonight as well. It makes you like an effin pin cushion ( except they don’t have nerve endings so bad analogy perhaps).
I’m not the sort to get ill often so I am really a massive wuss when things are off. This evening I have a headache and all day I’ve felt bloated. It sucks. But it’s worth it, right? Soldier on for those special 14 follicles. Grow, follies grow!



  1. I can’t imagine what those shots must be like!!! Ahhh! It hurts me just thinking about it! But just think that it will all be worth it in the end! You can do it! Thinking about you guys!

    1. It’s getting tough now, and I think after docs apptmt there will be more injectables for the last days before EC. I am also getting pretty much terrified about EC because doc has told me they do it with a needle like those used to retrieve blood “but a long one”. Feel sick just thinking about it.

    2. I forgot to say: thanks for your kind words, and yes I have to hang in there! Xoxo

  2. You almost there, just a few more days of stimming. Keeping everything crossed still, always, until you guys have that BFP!!

    1. Will there be more days of stimming?? Ok, I thought that might be the case 😦 onwards and upwards!

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