IVF CD8: More little pricks….

These posts are getting shorter and shorter as the novelty of these injections wears off… I had a ‘good’ session last night with neither jab causing any pain at administration (thanks to my sexy nurse 😉 ). However, the skin still feels itchy on my tummy /chest. Last night the centrotide jab was really very itchy afterwards – and where the needle went in there spread out a red rash-like mark. That was gone in the morning but I’ve had a mild headache today too. I really didn’t feel up to my usual run after a full day’s work, so i walked home and then took it easy. I have the next two jabs tonight and see the doc in the evening tomorrow ( i love that clinics are open around working hours here – what a revelation!!!). I still don’t know if the current jabs I have ending today will be the last set, or if I’ll get presented with more after the scan… Not long till we find out, I suppose!

Post – jab update: bit of a breakdown and tears…. It’s getting a bit much. Really, REALLY hoping there is not another batch of injections tomorrow…


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  1. Hang in there, you guys doing so well. I am so excited to hear about the doctors appointment! Good luck

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