IVF CD9 – yep, more jabs to come…. And some potential complications

Well i got home close to 9pm again. Tuesday is my worst WORST day in terms of workload; I teach all day. I get a 27.5 minute free which usually these days involves a cup of tea-without-tea (hot water and and and a dash of milk). That 27.5 minute free is during a ridiculously timetabled half lesson of Thai language (it means my class get a 17.5 min slot with me after their break, which ends up as practically 10 minutes as the kids amble up and take a drink of water, sit down…. Anyway, I got sidetracked…). The full day is not so bad in itself but I also have my playground duty in the morning, staff meeting straight after school, and then we go straight off to the homeless kids’ centre. Today it was plus having the school photographer in to take some bizarrely staged photos of me with the kids.

Before I tell you about that, I want to give you a little background on my school. I can’t compare it with any other international schools as I haven’t been to any. If you have taught in a mainstream UK (or US?) school, I don’t think you’d recognise some of the VIP members of staff. More important than the teachers, they are the marketing team. Instead of displays of kids’ work, my school likes to create giant stickers covered in branded school photos and propaganda. Strangely, some of the pictures from today did look quite nice. I’m no model, and I often think I don’t fit the school’s corporate, legal-secretary-look staff ideal, so I don’t know why they asked me to do it. They sort of took me in some sort of mother pose (the irony). It remains to be seen whether the pictures make it onto the giant printed sticker wall display. Just such an odd thing for a school to be wasting teachers’ time doing, right?
I digress (again?!).

So on top of all this today, was my ultrasound!!

I had scan number 2 and we can see that there are only 2 really big follicles and quite a lot at around 14, 15 and 16 mm. So he has (unfortunately) prescribed two more nights of jabs and one final, carefully timed Ovidrell shot 36 hours before my egg collection. This is going to be on Friday at 5.30pm. WHOOP WHOOP! Not on a day after which I have to work in the AM!!
Don’t get too excited for us yet though. #1, Doc said that given how amazingly my body has responded to the meds, he thinks I could be at a slightly higher-than-normal risk of OHSS or ovarian hypersensitivity syndrome (or sthg!!)This is generally not too much of a biggie but could result in the postponement of the cycle because its temporary symptoms would be prolonged by pregnancy. Apparently symptoms seem to consist of uncomfortable water retention of varying degrees of severity. No way of knowing till they do the collection.

#2 – The other trial brought to us tonight is really peachy. Wait till you hear this. So after i got home i started writing all of this stuff, and then fell asleep. I knew my baby would wake me up to mix the meds when she arrived home. So i’m asleep, baby comes home, baby says “come on, let’s mix up!!” and we go to the fridge, open up the box, count out the vials we need… and HEY! No needles. The lovely nurse forgot to pack the effin’ needles and i was too knackered to check.
So bear in mind my heavy day, my darling’s heavy day, that we’re already showered and ready for bed, and read that right now, we are riding around at 22.20 looking for needles. All the pharmacies and clinics are shut, so we are headed to the nasty hospital where they gave me the trigger shot when my clinic was closed. Ugh. Both our moods are deteriorating now. Baby I love you.

Done now. What a palava. Nurse did one (with a fat MOFO needle and it was the most painful menopur of the lot!!!) and A did the other and I didn’t feel a thing (except for afterwards when it itches!). The hospital have given us the syringe and needles for tomo so now we have everything we need.



  1. Ahhhh! Sucks about the needles…I know that put a damper on the night but at least you managed to work it out to get the shots! I’m so excited to hear that its happening on Friday! Its right around the corner! Yay!

  2. That stupid nurse!!! Hang in there, I am still keeping everything crossed, good luck with Friday. I hate the ovidrel shot!

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