IVF CD11 – no jabs tonight

I feel like we’ve had a night off! Really enjoying just hanging out at home.

Feeling ok about tomo most of the time. A bit concerned about pain afterwards. He says the needle is like those use for blood samples, but long. That’s not a clever thing to tell a severe needle-o-phobe! How does a needle point that sharp get threaded in through my woo-woo, through my os, through the teeny space in my uterus and my Fallopian tubes to the eggs without causing some damage?

Wanted to share what A gave me when I met her after work- so so cute! A big, single rose with this thoughtful, lovely note attached:




  1. Wishing you lots, lots, lots and lots of luck tomorrow!!

    1. Thanks! On my way there now. Feeling quite tender- be happy to get all those follicles out!!

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