IVF CD13 : post EC and sale day

I spent the last hour or so writing such a great blog entry about yesterday, then I pressed the wrong button and deleted it without saving. Doncha just hate that!?

The short version is that today I feel positive and not in any discomfort, but as I told my friend this morning, a bit like a bag of cooked spaghetti! What I mean by that is a bit floppy, weak and (emotionally) wobbly.

I wrote lyrically about the experience of general anaesthesia for the first time since 1994. The administration of the anaesthesia was uncomfortable but I swear I felt it moving through my body and I quite enjoyed that weird sensation. In my mouth I could taste it, then I felt like a big spider was spreading all its legs over my skull… And then I was out. I could not believe the op was finished already when I awoke. I’d been warned I might feel nauseous, but I wanted a big dinner (during which, I almost fell asleep in my pizza!)


I wrote about A’s amazing support (as always).


I wrote that they retrieved 19 eggs (!!!!), that there were no signs of OHSS so this Tues we will transfer 3 embryos.


I wrote that as we were paying, our nice nurses asked after our parents and our relationship, and even whether A might try to get pregnant too. If you don’t live in Thailand, that doesn’t sound like a big deal but it really is. Even though they’ve known the whole time what the deal is with A and me, nothing’s said, so we felt very happy for them to broach the subject with us. They’ve referred to her always as my friend (except once when they slipped up and called her my ‘fairn’ (gf in Thai)). What a validation! On March 10th, we also saw a Thai-Thai Tom-dee couple at the clinic, obviously there together. I think our clinic literally is the champion of LGB rights where assisted conception is concerned (albeit as yet totally unofficially).

Today I am generally slobbing about like said bag of cooked spaghetti while we try to sell some of our old stuff (we have to support the IVF bills somehow!).


Have a great weekend, brain hurts now, especially having written this twice, but I must do it before I start to forget details!




  1. 19!!!! That is fantastic girl. Have you received a lap report as yet?? please please update

    1. No lap report – dr didn’t think it’s necessary. Transfer tomorrow – very excited!!!

      1. Good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking about you. So cannot wait for the update, really have a good feeling about your cycle 🙂

      2. Where are you? You doing Ok?

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