IVF CD15(?) the dreaded 2WW begins

I am having my morning off, post embryo transfer. I feel fine, dr. replaced three. Trying not to get over excited because the chances are 50-50. One thing to note though (see picture below) was that one embryo did ‘early something’, and was already a blastocyst..! so dr said that was very good. It’s the bottom left hand one. Seeing my embryos was super exciting and I keep trying not to think about them. I know how it will go- first half of the 2WW isn’t too bad. Let’s imagine next thursday, shall we? I’ll be obsessing over my (meds-induced) potbelly my (since the EC) sore boobs and nipples, and every cramp or twinge. What I won’t hopefully be obsessing about is my BBT- I think I’ve decided that it does NOT assist in a healthy mental state during the 2WW. I’m going to try (TRY… ) not to think about any of it!

I enjoyed the experience, but our lovely Dr had yet again neglected to mention some other useful pieces of info- that I needed to drink loads and loads of water till I needed a wee, and that I would also need to lie down in the clinic until 9.30pm..! So we were a bit delayed because i’d just been for a wee when the nurse told me i needed to hold it. And the wait afterwards was a bit of a surprise, but if I’d chosen to
Ask my usual volume of questions prior to the day then I would have known. While I would not hesitate to recommend our doc, I’d be very clear that you need to find out about the procedures and go there armed with what you want to know.My friends who’re seeing the same dr and I were (half) laughing (half lamenting) about how he omits a lot of info unless you ask; I think it’s a Thai cultural thing (my (Thai) partner tells me that patients under a high status dr generally would not fire questions at him like I do).

I enjoyed going into another ‘secret’ IVF room which was adjacent to the embryology lab. I had to lie and wait for dr for a while, and he took a call on his mobile while he was doing the business! Haha.

Three of these are currently perishing or dividing at the top of my uterine cavity. Best not to think too closely about it!




  1. Yay!!! This is so exciting!!! I have a very good feeling about all this!!! So happy for you!!! Can’t wait to hear the results!!! I’ll be sending positive baby vibes your way!!!

  2. I can see how the blastocyst takes after you already! x

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