IVF CD 16 – feeling blue.

well, it’s day two of the 2ww and I am already going mental. I have been trying to lie down to compensate for going to work (though really not too strenuous). That’s meant that this evening and yesterday evening I spent more than 7 hours lying down watching TV. That in itself is enough to start an active girl going crazy. I am so unhappy right now! I miss A so much. Still, she’ll be back in two hours.



  1. The two week wait is miserable but you can get through it. Positve thoughts and positive energy! Take this time to relax and reflect on how far you two have come! Thinking of you!

  2. I cant wait to find out the results. I think it will be good news for you gals. Thank you for the Liebster Award. Sorry it took so long to respond. Check out my post!!

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