IVF CD 17 – traffic jam

Overall in a much better place than yesterday. My mia A comforted me when she got home.

So, the topic of this post is pretty foul; I’m warning you that what I want to share is a side effect i hadn’t thought of, which along with my swollen and painful boobs with permapoint nipples is causing me rather a lot of discomfort.

My advice is to look away now if you are not someone in a similar boat to me.

Go on, look away.

So one side effect of taking high doses of progesterone is constipation. That’s no big deal, I thought to myself.

It is.

Now I am terrified to poo. At some time in the non-distant past, I injured my bumhole with my own poo. Damn you, progesterone (but thank you for making my boobs pert and most importantly keeping my uterus at optimum condition for embryos) !!!

What a situation to be in!!

Love to all – don’t judge me for being so frank!


One comment

  1. Shame girl, hope it gets better xxx

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