Thai Lesbian Films

Thai lesbian culture is realy distinct from western lesbian culture. There is historically a ‘everybody knows but nobody speaks’ kind of philosophy about blatant same-sex relationships and identification all over the place in Thailand, so Tom/Dee/Lesbian cinema is a very new thing.

Last year we got ‘Yes or No’ which was a coming-of-age drama between a tomboy and a ‘dee’, neither of whom had ever had a girlfriend before. All about the crazy time of admitting what you really want from life and relationships. It has a huge impact, that moment when you accept who you are and that you are not of the conventional mould.


This year we are offered the much- awaited ‘She’, which follows the paths of two couples and deals with several issues. The first is the perception that the ‘dee’ in a tom/dee relationship is a bi-curious or straight girl who has become disillusioned with men, and thus falls for the affections of a persistent tomboy. This can result in a very hearbreaking experience for the tomboy, as men can apparently creep back on the ‘dee’s’ scene. (this was a strand in ‘Yes or No’ too). The other issue is family acceptance. I can’t wait to see it! I particularly wanted to talk about this film as I missed a special screening ans Q&A with the cast while I was having my embryo transfer ….!



  1. I love this. Im proud of it (Y) Keep it up ^^ #Lavlav

    1. What are you oroud if? The film? 🙂

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