IVF: CD20 ( ? losing count a bit)

Hey there, so where are we? it’s the 26th and I had my transfer on the 20th. They had been cooking for 4 days so I am currently 6DP 4DT. (6days post 4-day-transfer).

How am I feeling? Well you’ll be glad to know that any tenderness and soreness from the EC procedure (or the other issue you might have read about) has passed. My abdomen now feels pudgy only (as opposed to swollen and sore and tight like a drum). Luckily it would seem that I have no symptoms of OHSS either.

I have been feeling some different things since the transfer. Different from the IUI cycles, I mean. This could all be  great sign, OR it could be because the doctor has upped my progesterone presecription this time to about 4 times the prescribed amount after the IUIs. I have had really sore boobs for days now.

New symptom #1: Thirst, thirst, thirst. I have been drinking water like it’s running out.

New symptom#2: Some very exciting little cramps, whcih felt a little like period pains but were very localised. They seemed to be right under my pubic bone (is that where the uterus is, or is it higher???), and felt like they were only around the size of a fingertip pressing somewhere inside. They started a bit yesterday, (but not so much that I could be sure i wasn’t imagining them!), and they became more intense around the end of my working day (4pm) today. The seem to have tailed off again now.

Definitely not period pains, but could well be Med-pains, like I said. Last month I learned the hard way that progesterone mimics early preg signs very convincingly. A says I had these on the last IUI, but I would need to check that out. But anyway I don’t get period pains like that – mine affect a much larger area when I get them and they come with the bleeding and not before.

Obviously, without driving myself mental, I hope that what I was feeling was one of those implantation / burrowing moments.

No way of telling yet, eh? 8 days of waiting now.




  1. Thinking of you and hoping for good news!

    1. thank you so much! We hope you guys are doing well 🙂

  2. Thinking of you! You almost there, just few more sleeps. So excited for you xxx

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