The inexplicable

Well, we have had a really, really unwelcome surprise today.

My appointment to get my BFN or BFP isn’t till next tues, right? On the second or third IUI cycle, my AF arrived early so I never had to have the BFN bloodtest. During that cycle I was on quite a low dose of oral progesterone.

I have been cramping mildly for four days now but we are still only day 9 post egg transfer. So imagine my horror this afternoon when i saw what looked/s like a period. I was in the loo at 4pm about to leave work and I looked down as you do… And gasped out loud. And then cried.

I’ve never experienced spotting, so I don’t really understand if it is only literally dots, or whether it can be more. It’s now four hours since I saw it and there is still some stuff coming out, but it seems it has definitely slowed down now.

My baby A came home early to be with me and I lay about crying for a couple of hours. I just can’t believe it. For a while earlier today I was absolutely convinced my period was here (even though I am on such a massive dose of progesterone in the form which last time delayed my period by several days).

The jury is still out a bit. The clinic sounded very surprised and told us that it is basically far too early to be a period. Did I forget to take any of meds? What colour is it?

No, and browny black respectively.

They told me that it happens. I must continue the drugs and let them know whether or not the flow stops. The colour is funny compared to my usual periods, for sure, but these last few years they have had a little prelude before the full Aunt Flow gets going.

So is it a weird unexplained bleed, or an inexplicably early period? Either way, I don’t get it!



  1. don’t panic, it could be implantation bleeding. Don’t get me wrong, i am no expert and have never been pregnant, but the amount of reading i’ve done about this kinda thing seems to make me think i am an expert. Ha ha. Just try not to panic. Easier said than done, I know. Keep us posted xx

  2. Fingers cross it’s just a fluke. Or maybe implantation bleeding? Good luck and keep us posted.

    1. You know what, I have no idea. it’s the next day and there was nothing on the pad when I woke up and now after a couple of hours of work there is a good line on the pad – of black.
      When I wipe, it is just a tiny dot, but it is BLACK, man. I am going to see the doctor after work. Crushing, honestly, that all of my beautiful little embryos are likely dead now.

      1. I hope not! I don’t even know what black could mean. … Keep us posted and I’ll be thinking of you.

  3. I guess brown and black means it’s old blood, from last month’s period.
    Time is the only thing which will tell for sure. Try not to panic! (easier said than done). Fingers and toes crossed for you x x x

  4. OH no!!!! Maybe it is only implantation bleeding, I am holding everything crossed. Let us know when you have been at the doctor.

    Sending you million hugsxxx

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