Dried up

Ok, let me begin by saying a huge thank you to all the lovely messages of concern I got from readers and distant friends. If you look to your right you’ll see i have added a blogroll of all you lovelies who support A and i through this. It’s amazing how helpful the sharing of similar experiences can be.

I really felt like a dog’s dinner after i saw the blood, from the disbelief of it all. It seemed to be game over in such an untimely way -there was blood…. Weird blood, but of course my first fear was early period.

I am the first to admit that this procedure has turned me into at least a part-time nutter for the last seven months, but in terms of looking desperately for signs of implantation, taking temps and scrutinising them, I had been trying to be laid back this time. I heard it helps, right?

The main piece of info I wanted this time yesterday, and that you might be interested in, is that it wasn’t a period!!! Hooray!!! It was still busting onto the pad a bit this morning, but it was just a line down the middle. A black line. (sign of said madness is that I actually considered posting pictures of it Here/ in IVF forums. Certified. At least I didn’t go through with it).

As I write this blog part for my own catharsis but also to be helpful, here for your delectation is the ‘learning’ (as we say in the field of education) from this experience:

Weird black blood is:

*not a new bleed from the implantation or a recent embryo loss
* possibly from the egg collection trauma as my ovaries and vag have healed and depuffed from the drugs and needles
*possibly due to one million other things but it has been trapped for a while.
*not a period unless it goes heavier and redder
*not a period
* not a period

We didn’t need to actually go to the clinic, the nurses said keep going with the meds. A and I were in constant flow crisis talks, and I was reading over and over that brown blood was old blood and didn’t mean the end. I read that Jenny and Sue and Ellen and Mindy all had it and went on to have twins blah blah. So through education and because the flow was decreasing we calmed down a lot, but A still really wanted the Doc’s gospel word. In the end she called him and texted my darling parents with the outcome (isn’t she just the best?).

Doc said (as did my wise and learned friend A2) that this kind of bleed is actually very common. It can be the eventual release of bleeding from having your delicate reproductive areas made into pin-cushions. Another TTCIVF les friend said she had also experienced it. I am guessing what happened was a case of “spotting”. Just so you know, it is not always little dots… I guess it is all still ‘inexplicable’ – the enigma of the 2WW is still beyond the grasp of the most learned brains. How could we humble minions ever expect to get our heads around it?



  1. Phew! Glad to hear it–it didn’t sound like a period, but things are so crazy that it’s hard to know. Still hoping to hear good results soon! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I will let you know!!!!

  2. I know this TWW has probably been the hardest so far. So happy it wasn’t your period. Rooting for you and A.

    1. I think this 2WW has been relatively ok because it was a new procedure. The odds are so much better than with IUI and I deliberately decided to stop obsessing over my temps. However, because I trust the procedure, I felt double let down at early AF!!! glad it wasn’t, and also think it should be more clearly stated that the procedure can cause bleeding.

  3. Just read the your last two posts! I’m so sorry that you have been going through such a tough time! Glad to hear that the bleeding was “normal” and not your period. Thinking of you! Fingers are crossed and waiting to hear some good news!

    1. Hope, hope, hope so!!! So far I have resisted POAS but the temptation is so strong!

  4. Yay! I was worried but I’m glad everything is ok! How much longer until you get results?

  5. Oh I am in tears, so so so happy it was not game over!! I am keeping everything crossed for you

    1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! I want it to be a BFP!!!!

      1. Me too, never wanted this so much for someone else …. 🙂

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